On Buying a Home:

No matter what industry we’re in, it’s easy to understand why more and more people prefer emails, calls; and, even more so –texting. With life’s demands, we do need technology. I’m with you! We’re on the same page :-). So, the natural question I’m often asked is why have a face-to-face meeting?

1. It saves a lot of time and energy in the long run!
-Buying a home in today’s market involves a lot of paperwork (including new laws and new forms).
-On our face-to-face meeting, we’ll go through vital docs and needed apps; so, if desired, we can go through the rest of the purchase process online (tablet or cellphone)!

2. It makes the home-buying journey a smoother, safer ride!
-Buying a home in today’s market involves having a plan. For example, without honing in on our search criteria, we may end up in the wrong place at the wrong time!
-On our face-to-face meeting, we’ll draw up a strategy and preview the sales transaction– best communicated more clearly and more speedily in person.

3. It provides for accountability and peace of mind!
-Buying a home is one of the most important decisions people make; and, it will require diligence and teamwork. I’ve found through many years of selling homes that it is best for both Buyer and Agent to meet, at least once, to know they can shake hands and trust one another on this important journey!

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