As I write, I can already imagine the long lines– at the airport, on the road, at the grocery stores!
And… I can’t wait to tomorrow’s aroma of a juicy turkey roasting in the oven!
It’s Thanksgiving–a time when families all over our country gather around the table for a feast!

I do enjoy Thanksgiving, for it is a special time that calls me to reflect on what we sometimes take for granted.
I am also reminded that “every good and perfect gift comes from above” and that “we are to give thanks in all circumstances” (James 1:17, I Thess. 5;8).

No matter what you are feeling today–whether up or down– a song that is sure to bless is “Blessings” by Laura Story.
Google it or Watch it on Youtube :-).


On another note that relates to real estate (in case you were waiting for that! :-),
below is information that reminds us of the importance of relationships and/or having a sense of “community.”  After all, community does matter!


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