The Spectacle of Gratitude 🙂

It’s hard to believe that we are just two months shy of 2022! Let us not forget to count our blessings– yes, those “little” things we easily take for granted! Consider: each day is a NEW day! We get a FRESH start as the sun rises. And for most of us, we wake up to a warm bed and the coffee is but a button away from brewing; and, even though we could wish for more, we really do have plenty.

Count, one by one, the things for which you OUGHT to be thankful and your list will show you just how plenty! As we consider how the year has passed, the good mingled with the bad, there is always a reason for living our lives with thanksgiving. While the good times give us cause for rejoicing, the bad times create the tears that make us grow! This season, as we breathe in the cool autumn air and gaze at the beauty of fall, let us fill our homes with thanks-living. If we make gratitude a lifestyle (even if you have not yet acquired that dream home), even an old home can be like new!

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