I have lived in a small house, a big house, one-story, two-stories, small lot, big lot, condo, single-family. Can you believe I’ve lived in a make-shift home in the mountains of Oregon? Well, all that to say that no matter the house, home to me was always the place where my treasures were- the ones I love!

If you are in the market for a house or deciding whether or not to stay at your current one, it would be best (in the long run) to consider this most important question: would it mean more precious time with the ones you love? After all, what use is a mansion if you are having to work overtime – meaning no time to enjoy your home?

Quick tip before you purchase a new house:
1) Determine a comfortable housing monthly payment and ask your loan agent to compute backwards, based on your desired monthly, the purchase price; or
2) For a general idea of what you can afford, use this link (I am not affiliated with this site but have used it recently, finding it helpful).

Till next time!

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