What Does Faith Have to Do with Real Estate?

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Life Can Be Overwhelming

Each day, we make choices. Many choices. They can be overwhelming. What if our choice leads to failure? What if we choose second best? These questions apply to life in general; and, it applies even in the particular field of real estate.

Should you invest in real estate? What location is the best for your purposes? Which property is most suitable? Is it a good buy? Will it appreciate over time? What are the risks?

Questions. Questions. Questions. There seems to be no end to them!

Enter Faith Driven Entrepreneur. It is not directly related to real estate; but, it can speak to many areas of interest, including real estate (and especially if you like to create and are business-minded!

Often times, we need to repeatedly remind ourselves that not everything that exists can be seen with our eyes. Think of “faith.” Faith has been described as “the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11, NKJV) and can be thought of as “the title-deed of things hoped for” (Robertson, A. T., Word Pictures in the New Testament, Nashville: Broadman Press, 1960. It “apprehends reality: it is that to which the unseen objects of hope become real and substantial. Assurance gives the true idea. It is the firm grasp of faith on unseen fact” (Vincent, M. R., Word Studies in the New Testament, Vol. 4, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1887, p. 510).

I just recently came across Faith Driven Entrepreneur. I do not know about it enough to endorse it, but I hope it can start you off on an exploration that can direct you to true faith that will affect every area of your life– not just real estate.


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